Time to Replace Those Tires!

The tire pressure indicator goes off to give you the chance to get to the air pump and get the correct air in your tires. Putting too much air is actually worse than driving with the tires underinflated. Before you think about driving with too much air in the tires, consider all these potential issues you might have to deal with.

Imagine your tire when it has too much air in it. The flat part that should be touching the road but because it is overinflated, the tread that touches the road is more rounded. That means only a small section of the center of the tread is actually now on the highway. Not only is less tread on the road making it harder to control your ride in inclement weather, that area is going to start to wear fast and could expose your vehicle to a potential blowout.

Don't put off tire issues too long. Get to Spradley Hyundai for a tire rotation or replacement appointment today.

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